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Marco Cacciotto on Bloomberg

Italy’s mainstream parties are running scared. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s resignation means early elections are possible, with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement virtually tied with his Democratic Party in the polls (…) “The Italicum is the only electoral law which could hand Five Star a bullet-proof majority,” said Marco Cacciotto, a politics expert at Milan University.
Renzi and the rest of the establishment failed to spot Five Star coming. The Italicum was born of a deal between Renzi and former premier Silvio Berlusconi, who assumed their parties would be competing in a two-party system, as in the U.S. Then Five Star emerged to ruin their plans. “Renzi messed up,” said Cacciotto.

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“How Italy’s Elite Plans to Stop the Populists: QuickTake Q&A”, Bloomberg, 6 dicembre 2016.

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